Who’s Moving?

Posted 2 months ago by Mia Brown

It’s been a turbulent, rocky ride of a year for charities. Many have been forced to reconsider day-to-day operations and have decided to relocate offices. Key moving factors? Strategic location, modernising and downsizing premises, embracing hybrid practices. The office must answer to the needs of the employees. Now more than ever. 

Here’s the lowdown on charity relocations for 2021.

The charity plans to sell its 72,000 sq ft office whilst relocating to smaller premises in the West Sussex area. They’ll also be renting a smaller central London “Hub” for staff to drop-in. Following a RSPCA survey, 83% of Southwater staff said they wanted to spend more time WFH. This move is listening in action. 

After 10 years, the charity is moving its HQ to facilitate a more flexible and streamlined way of working. They’ll also be making big annual savings on rent and office overheads. 

Due to the building being underutilised, they are putting part of the locally listed site up for sale, whilst modernising facilities at their Compton Hall site. They’ll be looking to provide more care and support in local community settings. 

As the charity responds to record numbers of personal financial issues, their new location in the centre of town forms part of a community and charity hub above Age UK.

The educational charity welcomes employees back to a state-of-the-art office – fitted-out with themed meeting rooms, smart greening, and social areas with gaming consoles. Their aim: to be a home from home. 

An exciting transformation for we are aspire – which includes Realise charity – will introduce a cutting-edge collaboration hub and an exemplar net zero development. 

With the help of a £10,000 donation, this charity working to alleviate social isolation has created a new facility which is a real community asset. 

The independent charity has recently moved two of its premises to support delivery and cost efficiencies in their operations. 

Making the most of vacant property, they have been given the keys to operate from an empty shopping centre office. Best of all? It’s rent-free. 

This frontline homeless charity lost its former premises after a last-minute lease extension fall through. After many difficulties, they’ve finally moved to a permanent location which will be pivotal for growth. 

After selling their Cricklewood HQ pre-pandemic, they have now fully embraced a hybrid working policy. 

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons sold its Pimlico HQ and is rumoured to be looking for a larger replacement in London. 

The charity for people affected by sight loss is looking to acquire a new, more efficient office in the area. 

This unique and innovative non-profit partnership will bring a state-of-the-art education hub and improved community facilities. 

The environmental charity relocated from Hackney to 9,000 sq ft office in Highbury – fitted-out with natural materials and biophilic design. 

16. Cancer Research UK is rumoured to be letting a surplus floor at its headquarters in Stratford. 

17. Changing Faces is seeking a new leasehold office in London. They’ll take space on a short-term basis to experiment with hybrid working while they form a long-term plan. 

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